About us

History and business of the company

Lamel d.o.o. is a family company with 20 years experience in wood and wood processing, producing iow .n.rgy construction panels prefabricated and mobile homes and assemUty of these facitities. The beginning of work with woodwork goes back to the Bg's, and as a result of years of experience in woodworking, as the most natural and high quality material for the construction of residential buildings, in 2000 -. .itublished a dry construction company that produces and assembfes prefabricated and mobile objects by "Semi finish" and "Finish" systems.

In the begining the total production was selected on the Croatian and Austrian markets, but our business was further recognized by new partners and the business expanded very successfully to the French market.

The production of the company is carried out in its own production plant, with the most modern machines and materials certified according to the strictest European standards, which makes Lamel Low Energy facilities guarantee a very high standard of quality, exceptional strength and longevity of objects and because of the use of strictly natural and ecological materials, our products guarantee a healthy and comfortable living.

Our company has developed ecological awareness and concern for energy efficiency, which is why we produce extremely high quality objects, with the aim of reducing the consumption of all types of energy in the facility and with the aim of maximum comfort for tenants.


Lamel d.o.o. is present on the domestic Croatian market, but 90% of production is exported to the Austrian and French markets in cooperation with our partners.


Novoselska Ulica bb, Novo Pradno, (South Industrial Zone, Sisak)